Helping Your Tenants Deal With Wintertime Water Emergencies

While many people associate the holiday season with joy and cheer, property managers associate the season with winter-related emergency repairs. Of these repairs, frozen and burst pipes are the most common. If faced with a tenant with a frozen or burst pipe, you'll want to know exactly how you can fix the problem to you and your tenant's satisfaction. Dealing with Frozen Pipes Dealing with a pipe that's actually frozen seems like a hassle, but you can help your tenant get through this particular emergency with only a few simple steps: Read More 

Why You Should Call A Plumber When Your “Fruit Flies” Just Won’t Go Away

Oh the horror. You've refrained from keeping fruits and veggies on your counter, cleaned out your refrigerator, and scrubbed every nook and cranny of your kitchen with bleach, but the fruit flies still come. Every day you wake to find their numbers more plentiful, their forces stronger. Finally, you decide that this is a war you can't fight alone -- you've got to call in backup. Before you pick up the phone and request a chemical warfare attack from your local exterminator, read on to learn why your plumber reigns supreme in fruit fly control. Read More 

3 Reasons To Build A Cedar Closet In Your Home

Cedar lumber is a unique species used for a variety of projects around the house, and one of the ways you might want to use it is for a closet. If you have a smelled a cedar chest or closet, you can probably picture the distinct, sweet aroma it has. Not only does this smell last a long time, but using cedar lumber for a closet offers other benefits too, and here are three of them. Read More 

8 Cost Saving Plumbing Practices You Should Know About

Is it time to give your household plumbing a makeover? If so, be sure to take full advantage of today's green technology. Considering as many environmentally friendly options as possible will also not only decrease your carbon footprint on planet Earth, it will increase the amount of green in your wallet! Most green plumbing practices also help keep utility bills down. Here are eight ways that your upcoming plumbing remodeling project can be custom designed to save you money. Read More 

Call In The Experts After A Storm To Ensure Your Roof Is Still Safe

The roof of your building may be the only thing standing between the goods in your business and Mother Nature's wrath. And as evidenced by the mega-snowstorm that hit Buffalo in November 2014, Mother Nature can wreak tremendous havoc on roofs. But it's not just snow that can damage a roof -- wind, heavy rain combined with an aging structure can also be a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, as important as roofs are for keeping businesses and their contents safe and secure, it's easy to forget about them until something goes terribly wrong. Read More