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8 Cost Saving Plumbing Practices You Should Know About

Is it time to give your household plumbing a makeover? If so, be sure to take full advantage of today's green technology. Considering as many environmentally friendly options as possible will also not only decrease your carbon footprint on planet Earth, it will increase the amount of green in your wallet! Most green plumbing practices also help keep utility bills down. Here are eight ways that your upcoming plumbing remodeling project can be custom designed to save you money. Read More 

Call In The Experts After A Storm To Ensure Your Roof Is Still Safe

The roof of your building may be the only thing standing between the goods in your business and Mother Nature's wrath. And as evidenced by the mega-snowstorm that hit Buffalo in November 2014, Mother Nature can wreak tremendous havoc on roofs. But it's not just snow that can damage a roof -- wind, heavy rain combined with an aging structure can also be a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, as important as roofs are for keeping businesses and their contents safe and secure, it's easy to forget about them until something goes terribly wrong. Read More 

Ice Storms And Damage To Trees: Advice For Homeowners

Ice storms cost millions of dollars of damage in the United States every year, and the Midwest and East Coast states tend to come off worst. An ice storm occurs when more than a quarter of an inch of freezing rain collects on surfaces after a warm front moves in during otherwise cold weather. Trees are particularly susceptible to storm damage, as the weight of the frozen water becomes too much for the plant's structure to cope with. Read More 

Five Things You Can Do To Avoid Serious Furnace Problems

Nearly every homeowner knows the pain of waking up in the morning to discover the furnace has mysteriously quit in the middle of the night. Sometimes the solution is as simple as click here for more info or calling for an oil delivery, but other times it requires the services of a heating technician. Emergency calls can be expensive and waiting even a few hours can put your family at risk in subzero weather. Read More 

3 Cabinet Features You Will Love

As you walk through the kitchen showroom to choose new cabinets, it can be easy to get carried away with finely-carved exotic woods and forget all about functionality. However, choosing kitchen components designed for your lifestyle can make a big difference. Here are three cabinet features you will love. 1: Soft-Close Doors and Drawers Don't you hate the sound of slamming cabinets? You might cringe when you hear your kids whip those doors shut, or kick drawers back in with their feet. Read More