Christine Sutton

Three New Uses For Your Basement Bathroom

Having a bathroom in the basement can be a convenient option for some families, but if you don't use yours often, you may want to think of a new use for it. Consider the following ideas, and partner with your remodeling contractor to give your old basement bathroom a new use in your home. Hot Tub Room Adding a hot tub to your basement can create a year-round way to relax and soak in warm, soothing water. Read More 

Protecting Your Tourists And Citizens With Safety Barriers When A Bridge Is Out

Getting a new bridge in a small tourist town can be a big deal. It can provide your citizens and tourists with a great new item that looks great and is safer than an older bridge. However, citizens and tourists alike may be in danger of falling off the bridge without proper traffic control items. Renting these items and placing them up near the site can keep everyone safe from this danger. Read More 

Fire Alarm Monitoring For Abandoned Properties: How To Go About This

When you have purchased an abandoned property, you still want to secure it from squatters. You can install a security system on the building, but then what do you do? Who is going to keep an eye on the system and the property? What about fire alarm monitoring? Answers to these questions, and how to go about securing an abandoned property until construction begins, are as follows. After the Alarm Systems Are Installed Read More 

Bare Concrete Floors? Three Ways To Make Them Look Elegant

When you think concrete, you probably think gray, scratchy surfaces and skinned knees. The words "elegant" and "concrete" never cross your mind in the same thought, do they? Yet, there are ways to make your concrete floors elegant and beautiful.  Polished Concrete Floors A polisher for concrete floors takes a high-speed sanding and buffing machine to plain, boring concrete surfaces and gives them the "rock tumbler" effect. As a kid, you may have had a rock tumbler toy, into which you inserted several rough, dirty, boring rocks and got polished stones out the other end. Read More 

Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscape Designer

Designing a large landscape can be an exciting experience, as there are numerous things that can be done. However, it is also possible for the project to be stressful. For example,  if you don't have any direction on what to do with such a large yard. Even if you can come up with a plan for the landscape, implementing it can turn out to be a disaster if you are unskilled. Read More