Christine Sutton

Expecting A Winter Baby? 3 Health Risks That Can Be Caused By Your HVAC Systems

If you are expecting a baby this coming winter, it's important that you understand how your home's heating system can affect the health of your precious new family member. Here are 3 main concerns and what you can do to prevent serious health risks, some of which could effect your baby for life. Dry Air—Infantile Eczema Winter air is dry because there's very little humidity during the colder months. When you turn the heat on in your home, the little moisture that is in the air can easily evaporate. Read More 

Keeping Dust Off Of Overhead Cranes: 3 Tips To Cleaning Dust Off Without Interfering With Operations

Overhead cranes are used in many warehouses and assembly lines, as they are easy to operate and can usually be automated. This type of material handling equipment can be purchased from a company like Tri State Surplus Co and is one of the most popular ones you'll find in warehouses for their practicality. They come in 6 different classes from A to F, with each class designed to cater to a specific purpose. Read More 

What Are Your Air Conditioning Options If You Have Boiler-Style Heating?

Installing air conditioning in a home with forced air heating is pretty straightforward. Your HVAC technician can just install a compressor and coil, and the cold air will circulate through the same ducts used to deliver heat in the winter. But when you have a boiler system, things get more complicated. Your home does not have ductwork, and installing ductwork is a huge endeavor -- it's often not even possible without extensive remodeling that involves tearing down walls. Read More 

3 Areas to Check To Help You Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair A Failing Well Pump

Water wells have to have a pump to get the water from the ground, to the surface, and to the plumbing in your home. Because of the minerals and water that these systems are exposed to, they often need a lot of maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, repairing an old pump may be an affordable solution, but there are also times when you may want to replace the pump to reduce the need for constant maintenance and repairs to your well system: Read More 

4 Easy Ways To Clean Up After A Memorial Day Picnic

The unofficial start of summer is usually considered as Memorial Day weekend. This is a great time to host a picnic with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. But when the picnic is over, you may find yourself with a large mess that can take hours to clean up. Instead of worrying about the future mess, you can learn four different ways to make cleaning easy and hassle-free. By implementing these methods for your Memorial Day bash, you can also apply the same tips to future picnics for holidays like the Fourth of July. Read More