The Ultimate Crack Filler Guide To Repair Aging Exterior Pavements

There are many exterior pavements around your home that can be damaged due to their age and weathering. This leaves them vulnerable to various problems with damage and decay that may need to be repaired. Therefore, you may want to use crack fillers to help repair this damage and preserve the exterior finishes around your home. The following crack filler guide will help you repair this damage to get more life out of your exterior finishes:

Getting the Right Crack Filler for Your Pavement

Crack fillers are made for several types of pavements. They are usually asphalt or cement material that is specially formulated to repair cracks in pavements. When you are filling concrete, the filler needs to be a specially formulated adhesive or bonding agent. When you are filling cracks and asphalt pavements, the product is asphalt-based with bonding agents. If you have other special pavement needs due to decorative features, ask about crack fillers to repair these materials too.

Applying the Filler to the Cracks in the Pavement

The application of the crack filler is a simple process. There are a few factors that you need to remember when filling the cracks. Things you need to do to ensure the filler bonds to the pavement include:

  • Start by filling the deepest areas of cracks
  • Fill the cracks above the surface of the pavement
  • Pack asphalt fillers to compact them into the cracks

Once the filler has been applied to all the cracks, it will need time to cure. It would be best if you usually waited at least one day before applying a sealant or using the area that has been repaired.

Applying a Sealant to Protect Repairs

After the crack filler has had time to cure, it is going to need to be sealed. This is to protect the repairs and existing pavement from more damage. You will want to ask the crack filler supplier if there is a specially formulated sealant for the product you are using. This is because many products have their own sealers that come with crack filler kits to protect the repairs. After sealing the repaired cracks, a seal coat can be applied to the pavement's entire surface. This will protect the surface of pavements from wear and damage.

The issues with concrete and other exterior finishes decaying can be reduced by filling the cracks. Contact a company like Specialty Construction Supply for more information.