Features To Include In A Custom Home For Your Large Family

If you have a large family and have had a hard time finding a house that will comfortably fit everyone, then having a home custom-built is a great alternative. However, you'll want more from this home than spaciousness and the right number of bedrooms. Here are some other features to consider including.

A Playroom

When you have several kids, you tend to also have a lot of toys. And if those toys do not have a specific place where they belong, they tend to get scattered all over the home. If you can manage to include a playroom in your custom home's floor plan, you'll be glad you did. You can keep all of the kids' toys in this room, and it can be the main spot where they play. You won't have to worry about quickly cleaning up the living room before guests come over — or about someone spilling paint on the hallway carpet. Have your builder put a smooth vinyl floor in the playroom for easy cleanup.

A Large Kitchen Island

Having a gaggle of kids standing around you while you cook is not fun — or safe. Plus, everyone needs a place to congregate when eating breakfast, talking about the day, or going over homework. A large kitchen island with enough seats for everyone can be the perfect family command station, breakfast spot, and homework perch. If you have little kids, consider having half of the island built with a counter that can be lowered and raised. You can lower it so they can sit closer to the ground, and later on, when they're older and taller, you can leave it raised.

A Mudroom

One pair of muddy boots is one thing. Six, eight, or twelve sets of muddy boots — that's a whole other story! When you have a large family, you really need a mudroom so that the mess has a place other than your entryway. You can even have some storage shelves, hooks, and cubbies built into the mudroom so that everyone can have their own boots-and-coat station. 

A Half Bath for Guests

When everyone scrambles to get ready in the morning, you can be left with quite a mess in the bathrooms. Having a separate half-bath on the first floor takes the pressure off when it comes to cleaning up this mess. Your guests can use this half-bath and never see your messy upstairs bathrooms. 

Talk to your custom home builder about these and other home features that work well for big families. It's about more than building a house with a lot of bedrooms.