Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Install Gutters Yourself

As a homeowner, you may try to complete as many projects or repairs yourself to try to save some money. If your gutters are rusted, sagging, or not working, you may be thinking about replacing your gutters and completing gutter installation yourself. While there are many home projects you can complete yourself, gutter installation is not one the average person should complete. Here are a few of the primary reasons why attempting to install gutters yourself may be a mistake. 

You Can Damage Your Roofing or Siding by Improperly Installing Gutters

One of the reasons why you should leave gutter installation to the professionals is that you can actually damage your roofing or your siding by improperly installing gutters. Gutters have to be correctly mounted and hung to be able to support the amount of water that can go in the trough without pulling on the roof or the siding. If gutters are not properly installed, they can collapse, pull at your siding or roofing, or not collect and guide water as they should, which can affect your roofing, siding or even your home's foundation. 

You Can Injure Yourself During Gutter Installation

Another reason why you should not attempt to install gutters yourself is that you can injure yourself. In order to install gutters, you need to stand on a ladder. It is easy to fall off of a ladder when you are busy trying to hang gutters and not paying attention to the ladder or the rungs you are standing on. Many people also sustain injuries from the tools they use while mounting the gutters or due to the devices that they use when cutting or crimping the gutters. A professional can install the gutters and has the training needed to stay safe. 

Your Gutters Are Not Under Warranty If You Install Them Yourself

The final reason why you should leave gutter installation to the pros is that gutter warranties may be voided if the gutters are not installed by a licensed or certified professional. You want your gutters to last, and you want to ensure the warranty is valid in case something goes wrong. Having them professionally installed ensures the warranty is in place on your new gutters. 

If you need gutter repair or gutter installation, you should consider turning to a company, such as Quality Seamless Gutter Company, that can get the job done right. Contact your preferred gutter installer today to obtain an estimate or to schedule an appointment to have your new gutters installed.