Reasons To Install New Windows In Your Home

New windows can make a big difference in your home. There are a lot of reasons that you may want to replace the windows in your home, and there are many different options for windows that you may want to consider.

Replacing Old Windows

For many people, replacing the windows in the home is the primary reasons for installing new glass. The old windows may be cracked or leaky and may generally need a lot of work. Many times, the window frames are rotting or painted shut after a hundred years of painting over them. And on old homes, the counterweights used inside the frame has broken loose from the window, so propping them open is the only option. In all these situations, the easier solution is to remove the entire window and replacing it with a new, modern window.

Energy Efficiency

Old windows often have a lot of problems with air leaking around the frames and the sash because they don't have a good seal on them. Replacing the aging glass with new multipane windows adds several layers of insulation to the window, and the new windows will seal tightly when they are closed. The reduction in heat loss around the window can save you money on your heating bill and offset the cost of the new windows. 

In warmer climates, the insulation and seal will keep the heat out and the cooler air in as well. The result is a lower cooling cost for your home, and if you want to take that a step further, you can add tinting to the glass to reduce the amount of light that comes through and further blocks heat as well as ultraviolet rays inside the home. 

Window Style

Sometimes the windows in a home are not bad, but the homeowner wants to replace them with a different style of window. This is common on restoration projects where the homeowner wants to restore the look and feel of an old home but wants the modern energy efficiency of a new home.

Sometimes a window company can take your old window and copy it, producing a near-perfect replica that can be installed to keep the original look of the home. Talk to the window installation company about the options for your windows if you are thinking about custom windows for an older home. You might be surprised by what can be made with new specs, and you can get one that looks just like the old glass that was in the home.