Things You Can Do To Remodel Your Shower

Remodeling your bathroom shower/tub area is an excellent investment. Not only does it benefit you now, but it increases the resale value of your home later. There are so many different things you can do with this one space, too. Residential shower services provided by a variety of contractors bring you all of the following options. 

Take out the Tub, Put in a Step-in Shower

If you never, ever use the tub for any reason, and no one in your house uses the tub at all, then consider converting the tub to a step-in shower. This remodel project removes the tub completely and installs a flat, sloped shower floor that allows water to pool down toward the drain while giving you a simple three- to five-inch lip to step over to get into the shower. Choose tile, marble, or fiberglass for the shower walls, and you are all set. 

Take out the Tub, Put in a Walk-in Spa Tub and Removable Shower Sprayer

If you are getting much older, and the thought of trying to step in and out of a standard tub with aches and pains worries you, remove the old tub and install a walk-in spa tub with removable shower sprayer. The doors on these tubs swing open and allow you to walk in, sit down, lock the door, turn on the water to the temp you enjoy, and activate the spa jets. It is both a bath and a jacuzzi soak for aches and pains. If you still want to shower afterward, or you want to shower without a spa bath, just turn on the water, turn the handle to transfer the water to the shower sprayer, and shower. You can also lift the shower head from its perch and spray yourself down. 

Add New Hardware and Accessories

Maybe you love the shower and tub you already have, but it is missing a few things. Change up the hardware for cleaner, newer hardware that is not covered in soap scum, lime scale, and/or rust. Add some glass shelves to dress up the area while simultaneously giving you places to put your soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners. If you need them, install grab bars and a shower bench to make it easier to get in and out of the tub and shower. Swap out your shower head for either a low-flow or a massaging shower head, your choice. 

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