Planning A New Bathroom? 4 Reasons You Need A Frameless Shower Enclosure For A Kid-Friendly Space

If you're remodeling one of your bathrooms to create a safe space for your kids, don't forget about the showers. While you're focusing on hands-free faucets and slip-resistant flooring, you should also be focusing on the shower area. This is particularly true if you're planning on installing a basic tub/shower combination for your kid-friendly bathroom. Before you go the combination route, here are four reasons why you should choose a frameless shower enclosure for your new bathroom.

No Tub Walls for Your Kids to Trip Over

If you've decided on the tub/shower combination, you should know that bathtubs aren't the safest places for your kids to get clean. First, there are the tub walls that you kids will have to climb over to get into the tub. Second, there's the inherent risk of drowning that accompanies bathtubs. Finally, because of those issues, it's difficult for kids to learn independence, since you need to be right there during bath time. With frameless shower enclosures, there's no ledge or tub wall to trip over, which means your kids will be able to enter and exit the shower safely. Not only that, but because the shower enclosure is made of clear safety glass, you'll be able to have a clear view of your kids just by peeking in from time to time.

Easier for Your Kids to Clean Up

If you want your kids to learn how to clean up after themselves once they're done with their shower, you should install a frameless shower enclosure. One of the great things about frameless shower enclosures is that there's no track to collect soap scum and hair. Once your kids are old enough to handle a squeegee, they'll be able to wipe the shower clean after each use.

More Room for Family Showers

If you have young children who still aren't old enough to shower alone, or if you have infants that you want to take in the shower with you, it's time to invest in a frameless shower enclosure for the kid's bathroom. Frameless shower enclosures provide wider showering areas, which gives you the space you need to take family showers with your young children and infants.

No Sharp Edges for Cuts and Scrapes

If you've ever been cut or scraped on the sharp edges of a standard shower enclosure, you know how painful that can be. However, the risk doesn't end there. Because of all the germs and bacteria that can build up on the tracks, you run the risk of infection from those cuts and scrapes. With a frameless shower enclosure, you won't have to worry about the cuts and scrapes, since there are no sharp edges to worry about.

Interested in installing a frameless shower enclosure for your property? Call a contractor like California Reflections Inc to learn how they can help.