Why Asphalt Is A Good Material For A Driveway To A Vacation Cabin

When you build a cabin or vacation house in the woods, you need to decide on the right type of driveway for your purposes. While you could possibly choose a gravel lane to get to your home, gravel isn't the best choice, especially for a cabin that you only use occasionally. Instead, asphalt paving could be a better idea since it will need little maintenance. Here are some reasons to have an asphalt driveway put in from the road to your getaway home.

Asphalt Is Suitable For All Seasons

If you plan to visit your cabin all seasons of the year, then you need a road that will allow easy access. This could mean you'll need to have snow removed during the winter, and snow is difficult to remove from gravel without removing the gravel, too. Asphalt will be easier to maintain in the snow, and it will be a secure surface in the rain. While asphalt can develop potholes, too, the holes are much slower to develop in asphalt as compared to gravel. Once the layer of gravel wears down, ruts can develop in the driveway that fill with water and mud. These could potentially make it difficult to reach your cabin unless you keep up with frequent repairs.

Asphalt Adds Curb Appeal

If your cabin is in the middle of nowhere, you might not care too much about curb appeal. However, if you have a nice cabin in a wooded subdivision in the country, then you'll want your property to have appeal so it holds onto its value. Asphalt is an attractive surface for a long driveway, and when you maintain it well, it holds onto its dark color so it complements your property.

Asphalt Doesn't Show Algae Easily

You have other options for a driveway besides asphalt and gravel. Although concrete pavers may not be a good match for a country cabin, you could install them. However, when your property is surrounded by a lot of trees, your driveway may be in the shade much of the time. This can allow algae or mold to grow on it. This growth makes concrete look ugly due to the dark stains against white concrete. Since asphalt paving is dark, if algae or mold grow on it, this isn't as much of an eyesore.

While asphalt will wear down gradually with age like any other material, you can keep it looking nice by filling cracks when they develop so potholes don't form, and by applying a sealcoat every few years. A sealcoat protects the asphalt from rain and wear, and it restores the dark color so your driveway will be an attractive addition to your vacation property for many years.