A Few Reasons To Trench Your Fence Line

If you are getting ready to have new fencing installed on your property, you may want to consider contacting a company to come and trench the fence line. This is done by digging a trench a foot or more into the ground right where the new fence will be going. While you could do it yourself, unless you have a trenching machine it will take a lot of hard digging to get it done. If it is a long fence it is much easier to have a professional do it for you. Here are just a few reasons you should have this done:

Added Security

Whether your fence will be keeping pets in your yard or it is meant to keep pests out, when it is set a foot or more into the ground it will not be gone under -- even a dog who likes to dig will stop before reaching the bottom. Although rabbits and gophers dig deeper than that for their burrows, they are not going to try to go that deep to get to your garden, it is just too risky.

Added Stability

A fence that is buried a foot into the ground is going to be hard to knock down. High winds will not be as much of a threat. In addition, if you are using the fence to keep livestock, they will not knock it over as easily and cannot paw at the bottom. Larger animals can paw at a standard wire fence and drag the bottom in, lowering the top enough to jump over.

Added Drainage

If there are some lower areas of your yard or pasture, you can be sure rain and melted snow will flow to them. If there is any fencing in one of these areas, the water can rot the wood or rust the wire. However, if you have trenched the fence line, the ground is a bit looser and will absorb the water quickly so it does not rest against the fencing material. You may want to have a second trench placed just inside the first one in any low-lying areas to create a drainage ditch if you live in an area with a lot of precipitation.

Fence line trenching is a good way to keep the bottom of your fence looking good while keeping things from crawling under it. Whether it is animals or people, eventually they will push on the bottom making the bottom look uneven and leaving a gap. If you contact your local fence trenching services, this won't be a problem with your new fence.