Three New Uses For Your Basement Bathroom

Having a bathroom in the basement can be a convenient option for some families, but if you don't use yours often, you may want to think of a new use for it. Consider the following ideas, and partner with your remodeling contractor to give your old basement bathroom a new use in your home.

Hot Tub Room

Adding a hot tub to your basement can create a year-round way to relax and soak in warm, soothing water. Because your bathroom already has plumbing, it makes a great option for installing a hot tub. Have your contractor reinforce the floor to provide a sturdy foundation for the hot tub, and look for ways to make this space feel like a luxury addition to your home. Some options might include recessed lighting in the ceiling, a wall-mounted television on one side of the room, or a custom staircase leading up to the hot tub.

Sauna Room

If you already have exercise equipment set up in your basement, converting your bathroom into a sauna makes a great addition to your workout space. Step into the sauna after an intense workout to relax your muscles, or simply lounge inside for a way to unwind at the end of a long day. Work with your contractor to find the right look for your sauna, such as custom benches or elegant tile. Don't forget about safety features, such as warp-resistant doors and an emergency call button to ensure everyone using the sauna can enjoy the facility safely. If you have a large basement bathroom, you may want to consider the sauna as an addition instead of a replacement.

Pet Grooming Station

For people with lots of pets, having a place to groom and bathe them offers a bit of added convenience. You can transform your bathroom's stand-up shower into a dog-washing station, and you can keep some of the bathroom's other fixtures, such as the vanity, in place. If the bathroom doesn't already have a floor drain installed, work with your contractor to put one in place. This will help to prevent puddles from pooling on the floor after you give your pets a bath. You may also want to add a few other pet-friendly features, such as a built-in table for brushing, drying, and styling your pet's fur.

Talk to a remodeling contractor service, like Lehman Construction Services Inc, about your vision for your bathroom renovation, and consider these ideas as options for your new home improvement project.