Fire Alarm Monitoring For Abandoned Properties: How To Go About This

When you have purchased an abandoned property, you still want to secure it from squatters. You can install a security system on the building, but then what do you do? Who is going to keep an eye on the system and the property? What about fire alarm monitoring? Answers to these questions, and how to go about securing an abandoned property until construction begins, are as follows.

After the Alarm Systems Are Installed

After your alarm systems are installed in this building, hire a couple of security guards. Their job is a simple one. Watch the monitors and cameras all night, call the police if there are intruders, and prevent damage. You can set up an office space for the guard or guards central to the building's structure and place the monitoring equipment there.

Hard-Wired Fire Alarms That Alert the Fire Rescue Teams

When you install a fire security system, be sure to install one that automatically alerts the local fire rescue teams. That way, your guards do not waste time trying to call for help while simultaneously attempting to exit the building. The system can be hard-wired into the building's electrical system and remain there until long after you have remodeled the property.

Request Remote Access to the System

There are fire and security systems that also allow you to personally monitor your own property via a smartphone and the security company's app. If your guards call in sick or need the night off, or if you just want to check on the property yourself without having to drive to it, you can do it this way. Be sure to ask the security company for the app information and how to connect to the system via WiFi.

Turn the System on or off Remotely Too

If you opt to invest in the previously mentioned fire alarm systems, you can also turn the system on or off. This is a boon for those times when you forgot the keys to enter your own property and you do not want to set off any alarms. Then you can find a way to enter the building without the security system alerting the police.

Prevent the Cameras from Damage

From time to time, you may still have intruders or squatters on the property. They may try to damage the cameras so you cannot see them or see what they are doing. Be sure to use special boxes that surround the cameras to prevent damage. The boxes are locked around the cameras, but still allow you to monitor the activity in your building.