Salvage Wood Vs. Recycled Vinyl Siding

Are you looking for a green, eco-friendly new siding material for your home? When it comes to choosing the most eco-friendly products, you need to think about how the production of that product affects the environment. You also need to consider how owning the product will affect your energy consumption. This article compares recycle vinyl siding to salvaged wood siding. They are both great products for remodelers, but they have certain characteristics that you definitely want to consider beforehand.

Salvaged Wood Siding

Salvaged or recycled wood siding is very popular, and not just for eco-conscious customers. Salvage wood is used in all sorts of high-end, luxury construction. The rustic look of naturally aged wood is highly desirable. When customers find products that look aged, but still have integrity and strength, they are often willing to pay quite a lot. But, that is not to suggest that there are not a plethora of affordable, stylish, strong and energy efficient salvaged wood products on the market. The thing is, to find your perfect product, you need to do a lot of searching.

It could be argued that salvaged wood siding is basically wood that would've been thrown away or chopped up otherwise. So, reusing it for residential siding is a very eco-friendly decision. The only thing you need to consider is how you are going to protect and seal your wood. If you install wood without applying some sort of sealant, it probably won't last as long or have great energy efficiency. In the end, applying to a sealant is probably more eco-friendly than leaving the wood raw because it will allow you to greatly increase the lifespan of your wooden siding.

Recycled Vinyl Siding

Recycle vinyl siding is also extremely popular. There are a plethora of vinyl products that siding manufacturers are able to gather from various industries. By repurposing these vinyl composites, they're able to provide affordable, eco-friendly residential siding materials. Recycled vinyl is bonded with epoxies that might raise some concern to eco-conscious shoppers. However, the environmental impact is minimal, especially when you consider how energy efficient and long lasting by the list.

You'll be able to reduce your energy usage and utility bills. In the long run, since vinyl will last for many years without any sort of maintenance at all, it definitely becomes one of the more eco-friendly options on the market.

You can find both eco-friendly products in a range of great styles at most lumber supply yards. Speak with a company like W. T. Fary Bros Lumber Co. for more information.