Customize Your Hollow Metal Doors With These Features

When you're having the building for your business that you own renovated, one of the things that you'll need to think about is the type of doors to use. While you'll want solid metal doors on the exterior of the building for security, the interior doors should be different. Many business owners favor hollow metal doors throughout their buildings. This type of door offers many benefits — it's sturdy yet lighter to operate than a solid door, for example. One of the benefits of buying your doors from a custom manufacturer is that you can choose a wide range of features to include on some or all of your doors. Here are some features to consider.

Kick Plate

A kick plate is a valuable feature to include on your hollow metal doors, as it helps their longevity. When staff members need to push open a door, they'll often do so with their foot — especially if they're carrying something and their hands are occupied. Over time, this can lead to dents and worn paint on a door that doesn't have a kick plate. When this simple piece of metal is installed along the lower edge of each side of the door, the problem is solved.


Not all of the hollow metal doors in your place of work will need to have windows. However, whenever there's a chance that two employees may be heading to the door at the same time, a window will allow them to see each other and will help to prevent one person getting bumped by the door as it swings open. A door at the end of a hallway that divides two parts of your workplace, for example, is a perfect candidate for a window. If there's an area in which you need privacy, such as a boardroom, you may opt to leave the door solid.

Automatic Closer

An automatic closer is a useful feature to have on some of the doors. As with the other doors, you'll need to use discretion to decide which doors are best for this feature. A door at the end of a hallway is a suitable candidate for an automatic closer, as employees can walk through the door from one part of the workplace to the other, and have the door close behind them. You might not want an automatic closer on a supply room door, however, as it might be easier to leave partially open as an employee retrieves supplies.