Want To Drain A Lake? How A Deep Well Pump Helps

If you recently bought a property with a deep lake, and you would like to drain the lake to line the bottom and sides with concrete, you may want to try a deep well pump. Depending on how many gallons of water fill the lake, you may need several water storage tanks to go with the pump. Here is how to make this project work.

Drop the Submersible Pump into the Deepest Part of the Lake

Connect all of the hoses and electric lines to the pump that you need to connect to it. Then drop the pump into the middle of the lake. You may need to feed the pump hose and lines into the water until you can feel the pump hit bottom, or you can hire a professional diver to take the pump to the bottom. With deep well pumps, they do not have to stand erect to function properly. If you do not hire a diver for this step, you will still need one later to connect hose and wire extensions and bring those extensions to the shore.

Run the Pump Hose to a Tank

All deep well pumps are designed to do one thing--pump water to a holding tank from the depths of the earth. A deep lake is not quite the depths of the earth, but the depth of the water in the lake is also more than what a pump would usually pull. Run your pump's collection hose to a holding tank or tanker truck on the shore. You may need to fill that one and several more after that. If you are going to hold the water in these tanks or tanker trucks, they will have to sit on the shore until you intend to return the water to the lake.

Line Your Lake with Concrete, Dry It, and Refill

Now you can take the pump out of the bottom of the muddy bed of the empty lake. Then fill the lake with concrete and smooth it up the sides. (You may need a concrete contractor and his/her crew to complete this step.) Wait for the concrete to dry and cure, and then you can empty all of those holding tanks and/or tanker trucks with the lake water you collected. If you happened to collect lots of water animals and fish, make sure they return to the lake alive or you will have quite a smelly mess putting back dead creatures with the lake water.