3 Areas to Check To Help You Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair A Failing Well Pump

Water wells have to have a pump to get the water from the ground, to the surface, and to the plumbing in your home. Because of the minerals and water that these systems are exposed to, they often need a lot of maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, repairing an old pump may be an affordable solution, but there are also times when you may want to replace the pump to reduce the need for constant maintenance and repairs to your well system:

1. The Age Of Your Pump And Parts Problems That Cannot Be Solved

With years of wear, parts on your pump will eventually become worn and need to be replaced. Older pumps have an additional challenge that you may face, which is finding the right parts to fix your aging pump. If yours was a widely used pump when your well was installed, you may be able to find one you can use for parts for a temporary fix, but it is almost certain you will eventually need to have a complete pump replacement done. Having the replacement done now may save you from a lot of repair headaches in the near future.

2. Faulty Motors And Parts That Can Sometimes Be Replaced

If you have a well pump that is more recent, finding new parts may be easier. Even if your pump is relatively new, there are going to be some parts that eventually fail and need replacing. It may even be a problem with a faulty motor, or another problem like valves that have frozen shut due to mineral buildup. These are repairs that can easily be done to get more life out of your pump. Even when your pump has neared the end of its lifecycle, you can have it removed and rebuilt, so it works like new again.

3. Pump Hosing That Has Deteriorated From Years Of Exposure

Exposure to the elements, water and mineral contents can take its toll on a pump casing. This can often be seen when the exterior of a casing has obvious signs of deterioration. Casings are what make up the body of the pump, which is why they are also the most expensive parts to replace. Sometimes, it is not even worth trying to save the pump with a damaged casing, and you may be better off with a complete replacement with a brand new well pump.

These are areas to check to help you decide whether it is time to replace or repair your well pump. If you need help with maintenance, repairs or replacement of your pump, contact a well pump service like T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair to evaluate your problem and help decide what is best for you.