4 Easy Ways To Clean Up After A Memorial Day Picnic

The unofficial start of summer is usually considered as Memorial Day weekend. This is a great time to host a picnic with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. But when the picnic is over, you may find yourself with a large mess that can take hours to clean up. Instead of worrying about the future mess, you can learn four different ways to make cleaning easy and hassle-free. By implementing these methods for your Memorial Day bash, you can also apply the same tips to future picnics for holidays like the Fourth of July.

Dumpster Rentals

Instead of hanging bags or placing small bins all over your yard, trash clean up is easy with a dumpster rental. Party guests can easily go over to the dumpster to dispose of items during the party. After the party, you can simply roll up the whole tablecloth with everything in it and toss it into the dumpster. This will help save time as you try and stuff things into garbage bags. It will also help save on the extra waste created by all the additional bags.

When renting a dumpster, the company can place it anywhere where the delivery truck has easy access. This means that you can have it placed right in an open backyard so you do not need to travel far to dispose of items. If the backyard is fenced in, then you can have it placed close to the fence. The dumpster rental company can determine the best location upon their arrival. Along with a standard dumpster, you can also rent a recycling dumpster. This type of dumpster is ideal for properly recycling cans, bottles, and paper products. Clearly indicating each dumpster will help guests properly dispose of items throughout the picnic.

Wet & Dry Vacuums

As a picnic goes on, wind, accidents, and dropped items can lead to a mess on your lawn. It can be very time consuming and draining to have to go and pick up each and every item. Instead of letting the litter stay on the lawn, you can quickly clear your yard with a heavy duty wet and dry vacuum. These vacuums are powerful and can suck up all types of small materials. With the use of a large extension cord, it's easy to roll the vacuum around your yard and easily suck up items. Each wet and dry vacuum is different, but a majority of small pieces of litter like crumpled napkins can be sucked up. Along with trash, the vacuums can help pick up small stones and sticks that are an annoyance in the lawn. If you do not own a wet and dry vacuum, then you can easily rent one from a local hardware store.

Once the vacuum is full, it's easy to carry over and dump the contents directly into a dumpster rental.

Child Incentives

When school gets out, children often want to earn money for different activities and things to do in the summer. Help get them started by offering a little extra cash for picnic clean-up. Instead of doing the work yourself, three to four children can quickly cover the size of the yard and make clean-up a breeze. By adding a little competition to the fun, it can help encourage children to work harder and get the cleaning done more effectively. The amount you offer can range anywhere from $5 to $10 and depends on the size of your yard and the mess that needs to be cleaned.

Charcoal Cooling & Disposal

One of the longest cleaning tasks for an outdoor picnic is getting rid of charcoal. Charcoal needs to cool for a long time before disposing, but you can help speed this process along. Fill up a large storage container or plastic tub with cold water. Using metal tongs, grip a piece of charcoal and drop it in the tub. Wait around 15 seconds and then repeat the process. Do not do more than one piece at a time because it can create extremely hot steam. Once all the pieces are in the water, leave them in there for at least an hour. Dump the water the out and then wrap the charcoal in a large sheet of tinfoil. Place the debris inside of a dumpster rental so that it is properly disposed of.

The time you save on the clean up can help you look forward to more picnics without all the hassles that go along with it.

For more tips, information, and options, talk with companies that offer dumpster rentals, such as Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc, or waste management services.