5 Reasons To Have A Professional Blow Out Your Drip Irrigation System

If you have a drip irrigation system and live in a cold climate, then you will have to winterize your system. While most of the steps to winterize your system, such as insulating or removing your pumps and timers, blowing out your system requires extra precautions. Blowing out a drip irrigation system involves sending compressed air through your system to ensure that all of the excess water has been removed. This prevents the water from freezing and cracking your system over the winter. However, if your system requires this procedure, you should consider hiring a professional to do it. 

Professionals Own a Proper Compressor 

The exact size and style of air compressor that you will need depends on the size and layout of your irrigation system. However, in general, drip irrigation systems require larger compressors with a lower pressure. This provides consistent low pressure that can clear the length of your irrigation tubing without bursting or cracking it.

Most smaller, high-powered compressors that home owners tend to use for mechanical problems will either not clear the tubing or cause it to burst. Also, it should be noted that you should not use a cylinder of compressed air to blow out your system as it is difficult to control the pressure of the air. 

A Professional Can Prevent Potential Problems 

Most professionals have experience blowing out several different irrigation systems. This means that the will be able to recognize potential problems with your system. They may look for bends in your system that can cause a build up of pressure as well as problems with the setup of the pump or backflow valve. By recognizing problems early, a professional can correct your system and prevent damage during the blow out process.  

It is also possible to damage your system by causing it to overheat. The heat from the compressed air can cause your tubes to melt or become brittle. A professional usually knows how to monitor the temperature, when to give your system cooling breaks, and how to reduce the temperature through the use of extension hoses.

Finally, a professional will be able to determine the best entry point for the compressor to effectively and safely blow out your system without risking damage to your pump or your flow valves.  

A Professional Can Properly Prepare and Test a System Before Blowing It Out

A small crack in your irrigation system can be exacerbated by high pressures, causing your tubing to crack further or even explode. A professional can check your tubing for signs of weakness and reinforce the system before beginning the blow out process. 

Blowing Out Irrigation Systems Can Be Dangerous If Done Improperly 

Not only can you cause damage to your irrigation system if you use the wrong method or tools to blow it out, but you can also injure yourself and those around you. Build ups of pressure can cause irrigation tubes to explode, flying at high speeds in various directions. A professional can usually prevent mistakes that will cause that, but you may notice that they also utilize appropriate personal protective equipment to reduce the chance of injury in case something does go wrong. 

Some Mistakes Can Affect Your Water Supply 

If you know very little about your irrigation system, it is possible to insert the air compressor into the wrong place and contaminate your backflow valve. This can send oil from the compressor into your home's drinking water, which can cause residents of your home to become ill. 

Although there are several things that you can do on your own to winterize your irrigation system, blowing the system out with an air compressor is something you should either study from an experienced professional or hire a professional to do for you. 

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