5 Ways To Cater To Customers With A Commercial Roof Installation

Customer satisfaction always comes down to the smallest details. Whether it's friendly employees or a clean atmosphere, simple decisions can help make or break your business. As you work with a commercial roofing contractor to install or replace a roof for your business, it's a good idea to keep the customers in mind. The following five roofing options may seem like little changes, but they can make a huge difference on the impact that your business has with customers. Consider implementing one or more of these changes into your roof design. Contractors can easily work them into multiple roof designs.

Roof Awning

On rainy and snowy days, customers would like to get to your business by staying as dry as possible. If you have parking spots directly outside the business, you can help with this situation by having a large roof awning installed. The awning can provide extra coverage through wet weather and keep the front area of your business dry. During the winter, it can prevent snow and ice from building up directly outside the front door of your business.

Even during warm days, a roof awning can provide extra shade. This prevents customers from going directly in the heat and gives them a little relief as they head from the car towards your business.

Roofing Draining System

As you consider the roofing design for your business, you should think about the ideal draining system you want installed. A roof draining system can make a huge difference for the amount of water and debris that piles up near the entrance. If the draining system is drawn to the back or side of your business, then you do not need to worry about the draining system causing flooding or puddles for customers as they try to enter. It can also help prevent autumn debris like leaves and sticks from falling on the front walkway.

Solar Power

Solar power will not only help reduce your own electricity bills, but it can create a promotional tool to draw customers in. Customers that want to help the environment will likely be more drawn to a business that saves on energy costs. When a commercial roof is installed, it can be properly fitted and prepared for the installation of solar panels. When working with contractors, you can calculate the savings and energy reductions for these panels. Those statistics can be used in business promotions and informational guides. It can also help encourage the growth of solar panel usage around your local area.

Lighting Effects

If your business is open at night, consider a number of lighting effects that can be installed on your rooftop. Along with lit up commercial signs, you have the ability to add extra lights that make it easier for a customer to see as they enter and exit your business. Spotlights, awning lights, and directional lights are just a few of the fixtures that can be installed on the roof of your building. They can be used to light up the entrance, walkways, and sections of the parking lot.


Instead of having just artificial lighting in your roof, you can work with contractors to have skylights installed. During the day, customers can enjoy the natural lighting that fills your business. This provides better visuals, extra natural warmth from the sun, and even additional vitamin D. Reports have shown that skylight installations in business can help reduce eyestrain and make people feel more at ease while in your business.

Not only do skylights provide these benefits for your customers, but they can extend to the employees at your business. Natural lighting during the day will also help reduce electricity bills and keep your business profits as high as possible.

Decide what typing of roofing designs cater to your business needs. Contractors that have a lot of experience can easily install a roof that fits your vision. In the end, you will see the difference it makes with customers.