3 Reasons To Build A Cedar Closet In Your Home

Cedar lumber is a unique species used for a variety of projects around the house, and one of the ways you might want to use it is for a closet. If you have a smelled a cedar chest or closet, you can probably picture the distinct, sweet aroma it has. Not only does this smell last a long time, but using cedar lumber for a closet offers other benefits too, and here are three of them.

Keeps Bugs Away

Years ago, people would often place moth balls in closets and attics to keep bugs away. While you can still do this to prevent damage to your clothing and belongings, having a cedar closet will naturally achieve the same result.

Cedar wood emits a natural scent, and this aroma deters many types of bugs, including moths and roaches. The natural smell of cedar barely fades, even after many years, and this can keep your belongings protected as long as they are kept in a closet made of cedar. The best type of cedar to use is Eastern red cedar; however, there are other types that offer similar results too.

When building a cedar closet, there are several methods you can use. One method involves using cedar wood to build the walls. The other method involves using cedar paneling to cover the existing walls. Cedar paneling is easy to install, but is thinner than actual cedar lumber. It offers the same protection and smell as actual lumber though.

Offers Moisture Control

Cedar wood offers moisture control in two different ways:

  1. It doesn't warp – When cedar is exposed to moisture, it doesn't budge. It will not change in size or shape from the moisture in the air, and this is ideal for use any interior or exterior purpose. It also will never rot, which makes it a material that will last for years.
  2. It is absorbent – Despite the fact that cedar doesn't warp, it also has the unique characteristic of absorbing water. Cedar lumber changes as it needs to, and this is done by absorbing and releasing moisture. When cedar is used for a closet, it creates the perfect climate-controlled atmosphere in the area at all times.

Because of these qualities, cedar is the ideal type of lumber to use for protecting clothes in your closets. You could create one cedar closet in your house and use it for things that are rarely worn, or you could line all your closets with this. Another option is to create a cedar closet inside your attic to use for storage space.

Needs Very Little Maintenance

While cedar retains its aroma and holds up well in all types of climates, there might be a couple things you must do to it from time to time. These tips will help the cedar last longer and smell stronger, but they only need to be completed every 10 years or so.

The main step you can take is to lightly sand the cedar. Use an extra-light grade of sandpaper as you do this, and do not use a lot of force on the wood. By doing this, you will clean off any dirt buildup, and this will help the aroma come back.

The other step you can take is to gently wash the cedar wood with warm water and mild soap. This simply keeps it clean, and it will help it look nicer.

Cedar lumber can be used for exterior projects too, such as decks, but it is a great product to use for protection inside your house. If you would like to build a cedar closet and would like to know more about your lumber options, contact a company that sells cedar lumber, such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products.