3 Cabinet Features You Will Love

As you walk through the kitchen showroom to choose new cabinets, it can be easy to get carried away with finely-carved exotic woods and forget all about functionality. However, choosing kitchen components designed for your lifestyle can make a big difference. Here are three cabinet features you will love.

1: Soft-Close Doors and Drawers

Don't you hate the sound of slamming cabinets? You might cringe when you hear your kids whip those doors shut, or kick drawers back in with their feet. Unfortunately, extra noise isn't the only problem that a little laziness can cause. The joints that make up the edges of your cupboards and drawers can become loose if they are subjected to enough force.

Although you might think that those old cabinets were broken because they were made from cheap materials, even high-end custom cabinets can be destroyed unless your family stops slamming things. However, you might be able to make it impossible to shut those carefully crafted cabinets too roughly by installing slow-close doors and drawers.

Slow-close hinges contain small internal springs, which absorb extra impact and automatically finish the closing sequence on their own. Your family members will be able to completely close any drawer or cabinet door by simply starting the closing motion, and then letting those soft-close hinges take care of the rest.

2: Lit Drawers

When you are rushing around trying to make a fast dinner, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to track down that corkscrew or vegetable peeler. Unfortunately, if you love to cook, every drawer in your kitchen might be filled to the brim with different devices. However, you might be able to make locating your kitchen equipment a little easier by investing in drawer lighting.

Kitchen cabinet contractors can install permanent LED lighting strips inside of your drawers, illuminating the space and making it easier to find what you need. Believe it or not, you won't even have to worry about burning through batteries because of perpetually-lit drawers. Drawer lighting typically implements magnetic switches, so that lights turn on when the drawer is opened, and back off when they are closed.

3: Built-In Organizers

If you are like most people, your kitchen might start out pristine and organized after your biannual deep-cleaning, and then gradually slide into disarray over the course of the next several months. As your children put away dinner dishes and you hurry to finish your prep-work, it can be easy to stash things in the wrong place, which can damage your plates and cutlery.

Dishes can become chipped when they are stacked incorrectly, and misplaced kitchen tools can get bent if they become stuck in the area between the back of your drawer and the front of your cabinet. Here are two nifty built-in organizers that might make it more simple to keep your things where they should go:

  • Pegged Plate Dividers: Some kitchen cupboards have slide-out shelves that contain pegged plate dividers. These simple systems contain built-in dowels that stand up from the floor of the shelf to surround a stack of plates. Because plate dividers are designed to protect standard plate sizes, you can create a special place for each type of dish in your kitchen. By labeling the interior portion of the divider, your family can always remember where those clean plates are supposed to go.
  • Cutlery Dividers: To keep your silverware and gadgets organized, you can ask for built-in cutlery dividers. These systems are usually completely customizable, so that you can arrange the compartments however you want. You can even choose to have multiple cutlery dividers arranged on separate pullout shelves in the same drawer, so that you can keep hundreds of utensils organized in the same place.

Picking kitchen cabinets that are designed to keep those drawers and cupboards accessible, organized, and closed might eliminate common frustrations, while simultaneously protecting your investment.