Use Your Resources To Minimize Your Cooling Bills Next Summer

When the oppression of summer heat hits your home, your first move is probably to turn down the thermostat. However, this is not always the best option. There are a few things that you can do to make yourself more comfortable without spending more of your budget on air conditioning costs. 

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans

Many people erroneously believe that they should either use their ceiling fan or their AC. They are actually to be used together. Instead of turning off the air when you turn on the fan, leave it running. Instead, turn the temperature up a degree or two. The air movement from the fan will make the room feel cooler than it really is. The breeze allows the moisture on your skin to evaporate, creating a cooling effect. It is the same feeling you get when there is a cool breeze on a hot day, just on a smaller scale.

Because you are more comfortable, you can turn the temperature on the thermostat up and not notice the difference. The closer the indoor temperature is to the temperature outside, the lower your cooling costs will be. The reason that this technique is so effective is that it takes a lot less energy to run a fan than your AC. As long as you use the ceiling fan as a way to run your AC less often, you will reduce your energy bill by leaving it running.

Open Your Windows at Night

Leaving your windows open during the day only allows hot air to flow into your home. However, that often changes at night, particularly in the spring and summer. Rather than running the air 24/7 you can simply open the windows at night after the temperature drops, and reverse the process in the morning before the sun starts really warming up the area. An indoor-outdoor thermometer can be helpful in determining when it is time to make the switch.

The biggest challenge with this technique will be remembering to open and close the windows regularly. This means that you might want to save this for days where there is a large temperature difference, or you will be home all day to manage the air flow. If you need any help remembering to open or close the windows in time, you can get an outdoor thermometer that has a built in alarm. That way it will let you know when it is time to switch systems.

Control the Humidity Level

One thing that can be an issue in the summer is humidity. If the humidity level and temperature gets too high, then you are at risk of mold growth in your home. Mold can destroy your home's structure, and will cause respiratory problems for most people. Since removing the moisture will make you more comfortable anyway, investing in a dehumidifier will assist you in making this technique work. By saving money on your AC, you can have your dehumidifier without increasing your expenses. In addition to keeping your home safe from mold, using a dehumidifier  will make you more comfortable as well. It comes back to evaporation. Drier air allows your sweat to evaporate more easily, increasing its cooling effect.

Everyone loves the modern convenience of air conditioning, but there is a cost associated with it. There are a few ways to reduce those costs with a minimum amount of work. By using these techniques you can reduce your air conditioning costs, and you might even increase your comfort level. Getting the environment in your home just right is tricky, but you can get pretty close to perfect by giving yourself the right tools.